Kamalnayan Bajaj Hall
Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery
Kamalnayan Bajaj Workshop Studio
29th January 2018 to 3rd February 2018 (11.00 am to 7.00 pm )

Alex Rodrigues the finger painter. This is an artist who paints with his fingers only. Alex started with finger painting in 2000 and has never looked back at tools or brushes ever since. He paints everything possible, different styles, subjects, all of it with his fingers from figurative to landscapes to old masters works he puts his fingers to the test. The finger painting technique has got him exhibiting his paintings all over the world. His Christ was displayed beside F.N.Souzas Christ in a show in London along with the works of other old Indian masters. Alex says Christian art is his favourite genre. 

Vikrant Singhvi is an artist who used art as a means to escape from the busy, fast paced life, as an adolescent he wasn't allowed to take up art, however that never stopped him from painting, he paints passionately like there's no Tomorrow. He loves using the palette knife and just about anything he can find to paint with. Vikrant has a deep love for abstracts but paints other styles too, he has had exhibitions in Bombay, Goa, and England.

Naresh kokekar a landscape artist who studied in Pune, is now in love with the scenery of Mumbai city, he lives and works in Mumbai, his love for landscapes pushes him to experiment with landscapes in different styles, and mediums, realistic being most close to his heart. Naresh has had numerous shows in Pune and Mumbai

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