Kamalnayan Bajaj Hall
Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery
Kamalnayan Bajaj Workshop Studio
29th October 2018 to 4th November 2018 (11.00 am to 7.00 pm )

Rajwant Kaur is an Abstract Expressionist artist with a hidden treasure of unique artworks that are world class.  Her style of painting puts her in league with the masters of abstract art. She is a highly educated person and understands the nuances of life deeply and has synchronized it with her paintings. On the outside she seems gregarious but in reality is a reserved and introvert person. She has acquired degrees in various fields and is an alumnus of the most prestigious Art institute of the country, the Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai. Her artworks have been selected in the world’s most prestigious galleries. Rajwant Kaur is all set to take on the world of art by storm and put India on the world map via her Artworks. It is a matter of pride to be associated with Rajwant Kaur and to see her vibrant paintings and to show them to the whole world.

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