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Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery
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23rd September 2019 to 28th September 2019 (11.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.)



Recent creative works of a contemporary artist, Sangita Mishra will be showcased in a solo art exhibition at Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai from 23rd Sept to 28th Sept 2019 between 11am to 7pm. It will exemplify subtle nuances of her artistic and aesthetic perceptions about Rhythm of Silence and its relevance as well as sanctity in apt perspectives of visual arts.

Deeply impressed by the omnipresent rhythm of silence and its lyrical harmony in various arena and realms around, Sangita Mishra decided to display their eternal divinity and peculiarities in her innovative and creative endeavours using oil / acrylic colours on canvas. She has explored various relevant hues of such omnipresent silence and their silent features in her keen observations of the surrounding arenas alongwith their iconic metaphors in relevant perspectives. Also her close observations of the rhythm of silence noticed in old dilapidated buildings having rich historical heritage and traditions and an inner urge from within to display the same the strategic arenas in the works have together render an unbelievable and amazing visual dimension to her creations. As a result, her vivid creative endeavours are enclosed with the lyrical rhythm in the trees/plants and their numerous branches colourful rays of light and ensuing brightness & illuminations as an indication of limitless and unadulterated source of knowledge & wisdom as well as the aesthetic and artistic assimilation the realistic and illusionary hues and their ensuing visual interactions & interrelations in apt arenas. These virtues together alongwith her creative thinking command over the medium used and skilled technique and a rational approach have effectively enhanced the visual aesthetic quality and tranquility of each creative work thereby making it unique in its own way. It is therefore envisaged with hope that the present series of her innovative and creative artwork will be blessed with an overwhelming public response and appreciation due to its simplicity and uniqueness alongwith an enriched aesthetic quality in the apt arenas.

Sangita Mishra


Email – sangitafinearts@gmail.com


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