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Sanskruti by Sneha Nayak

Kashida work by Gayatri Anikhindi
15th September 2014 to 20th September 2014 (11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m)

Shanteri Jankalyan Pratisthan is a registered NGO, which works towards upliftment & empowerment of needy women. As one of its divisions 'Sanskruti', since last eight years, we have organized various exhibitions cum sale all over Mumbai and outside of Mumbai and provided a platform for small-scale women entrepreneurs for selling their quality products. Now in order to give further support for this good cause lot many corporations/companies have come forward to extend their help and giving us an opportunity to organize such exhibitions cum sale in their premises but on a small scale. Our small scale women entrepreneurs will put /display their quality products stalls preferably during first week or last week of the month. As a social responsibility we hope and expect your co-operation and help in this regard. Our office executive will meet you in person, if required in this regard and will explain to you about our organization and our activities.

Sneha Nayak (Trustee)

'Sanskruti' is not a typical Mahila Mandal but it is a movement for Empowerment of Women where in stress is given on motivation and utilization of spare time for constructive and creative work sharing the responsibilities with men. All of us work together for welfare of entire group and try to uplift the economic and educational status of the group. Collective efforts prove fruitful for welfare of women. The organization insists upon women to make marketable quality products. For this purpose special guidance of costing, product development, marketing, organizing spot/door to door/ corporate sale and exhibition sale is given by the experts. Round about 3000 women are engaged in various business of producing quality products at competitive rates. Our main products are Garments, Bags, Purses, Handmade Ornaments, Embroidered Goods, Handicraft Products like Fiber/ Bamboo/ Wooden/ Ceramic/Paper-mashie/Plaster etc. Some women are engaged in service industries as managing Canteens, Catering, Dusting with machine, Typing – Computer Work, providing Office Stationary and Material etc. Managerial efforts and maximum profits through weekly bazaars, spot sales, an exhibition in big halls, corporate sale and community outlets is the strategy adopted by the organization. The organization has kept itself totally away from all political influences and restricted itself to various development activities through informal education, constructive guidance and has been giving stress on self-dependence in each and every field of activity. Woman, after fulfilling responsibilities of her family, should think of her, come out of four walls and educate her for keeping the family intact and shaping the generation. With the zeal and urge for the development of the women through informal, conventional and non-conventional education is the principal goal of the Organization.

1. To develop women’s personality.
2. To make them available a unique platform.
3. To develop creative abilities in them at their pleasure time.
4. To make available market for innate skills of women.
5. To encourage entrepreneurial abilities in women in society.
6. To generate work culture and dignity of labour in the society.

1. Entrepreneurship Development, Personality Development, Vocational Guidance, Seminars Etc.
2. Vocational Training & Hobby Classes.
3. Production / Sales Guidance.
4. Training for Rural Women Especially For Self Help Groups.
5. Training and Consultancy Services for Members Of Organization.
6. Organizing Exhibitions Cum Sale All Over Maharashtra State

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