Kamalnayan Bajaj Hall
Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery
Kamalnayan Bajaj Workshop Studio
23rd April 2017 to 29th April 2017 (11.00 am to 7.00 pm )


The clattering sound on endless track

The silence of blaring screams

The mysterious smile of bright-hazy opaque images

floats around here….

Nitin Prakash Khushwaha and Vivek Prasad coming from the different backgrounds but having similar interest and passion for Visual art are ready to showcase their beautiful talents which reflect the most Opaque and mysterious images and forms of human life in an art show “Fairy tales of the conditioned”. Both the artists are very well expertise in illustrating the entangled world around us in an astonishing and electrifying style. This exhibition is a blend of concepts of brilliance, mastery and proficiency of two great artists pertaining to same field but presenting in different manner. They are well known in their respective fields for their enormous contribution towards art.

Nitin Prakash Khushwaha a graduate from Banaras Hindu University in BFA and completed his PG from ISKU , is remarkably known for his outstanding work in art Field. He has participated in many national and international art exhibitions. His association with art marks 20 year in 2017. He has always tried touching those untouched, unspoken facet of every common man.  These are generally  minute, occult and intense , which leaves us  mesmerizing and takes us to a journey from unknown to the known , where all such Human forms exists. The paintings express themselves Very well. His finesse in color combination, the textures, the fine lines shows the degree of his dedication to his work. To illustrate compassion and simplicity of a common man it is very important to empathize. Nitin’s ability to relate to it and to portray the same on his paintings without any hesitation shows his commitment for his love of art.He can make a complex thing look simpler and beautiful. A common man who is patiently struggling and despaired with his life , envisioning hope and happiness for his future ,is what one can contemplate from Nitin's paintings. We can explicitly feel the same mirage to the core, as if when a window is opened of a smothering room.

Vivek Prasad  a doctorate in chemistry from Banaras Hindu University, is a self taught artist who skillfully captures human emotions from each and every angle. His work mainly comprises of all eco friendly and recycleable material. His work in this field of Art stands out distinctively for various reasons. His focus is to capture the tiniest and minute forms emotions lives in our surroundings so as to constitute and create a magical eye-catching sculptures out of it.  The deftness of his work can be witnessed in his appealing and stunning work. He brings the body languages, emotions as well as many other Natural forms into life through his micro human sculptures. All these expressions are vehemently depicted in his work. His art reflects the human mind and unnoticed surroundings in which we all are. He magically blends human sentiments with rustic architecture through his creation. The most important essence of vivek's work is the use of unconventional material in the sculptures. It consists of waste and recycling paper, wood, metals, stones and also paper fibre which is the major contributory factor required to make these beauties. His love in experimenting with various aspects of our natural environment results into an unmatched exclusive art forms.

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