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24th September 2017 to 14th October 2017 (11.00 am to 7.00 pm )

World's Most Prominent Fine Miniature Artist Suvigya Sharma, renowned for exquisite art created in 24 ct gold. In 2017, takes immense pleasure of inviting you for the unveiling of his collection of 74 life-size artworks.

Suvigya Sharma is a descendent from the family of Kishangarh painters, which includes his father, the legendary artist Mr. R.K. Sharma, Building on his tradition, Suvigya's commissioned works can be found in the personal collection of the foremost families across the world.

He is the only artist nurturing and promoting the legacy of miniature art worldwide. this year we have the pleasure of inviting you to a very intimate display of his patent artworks at 'Divinity of Art'.

We'd like to bring to your notice that profits made during the show will be donated to support noble causes, such as educating girl child, Empowerment of Women, research & development for the cure of muscular dystrophy.

Witness the world's finest and most diverse collection of exquisite contemporary Pichwai paintings along with Refined Tanjores, aesthetically fused Thikri (mirror) artworks and paintings on Vintage Stamp papers created by incorporating 24 ct gold gilding embellished with precious and semi-precious stones.

Suvigya is renowned for his one of a kind life-like portraits, famous for its attention to detail.
He has commissioned them for the most prominent individuals and families worldwide.

From Auctioned sandalwood to finest makrana marble Suvigya is a veteran decorative artist known for his custom created traditional temples in the residences of the foremost families of india.

Suvigya is a humanitarian, donating the profits from his shows in the past years he continues to make his contribution for Girl Child Education and Women Empowerment. Making it a tradition he has vowed to support one humanitarian cause every year, with 'DIVINITY OF ART' Suvigya aims at raising awareness and funds for the research and development for the cure of Muscular Dystrophy. He also plans on inaugurating the show by the hands of the underprivileged kids he supports, quoting “I love the innocence and honesty a child bears, it would be a privilege to have them light the deepak and inaugurate the show this year. I have received immense love by the people, I never get used to it, always leaves me speechless. It’s time I reciprocate with modesty and generously”

This year the artist breaks the stereotype of traditional miniature art and unveils never seen before the world's most exquisite range of Non Mythological Contemporary Pichwai's. The artist is renowned for the grandeur of his 24 Carat Gold gilded Tanjores, Thikri fusions, Vintage Stamp Paper paintings incorporated with precious stones which will also be showcased at 'DIVINITY OF ART' along with the world’s biggest, most valuable and diverse collection of miniature art ever showcased by any artist in all of recorded history. 

Description of Feature Artwork of the show, World's First Contemporary 3 Dimensional Pichwai (Image 8):

The artist has beautifully captured the authenticity and accent of traditional pichwai art form and fused it with the contemporary feel for it to add volume and amplify the beauty of any post modern space. In the 3D pichwai, the artist portrays Lord Krishana playing flute in the Temple (Chandini, Jharokha) in a lake with blossoming lotuses. The entire artwork is hand craved in naturally seasoned Teakwood, while the Temple is gilded in 24ct Gold gilding.         

Association :

RSVP : +91 9829200060,  8094489444, 9828200060, 9829216030
E-mail : info@suvigyasharma.commail@theperiphery.in

Please note the Art Gallery will remain close on Sat 30th September & Mon 2nd October, 2017


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