Kamalnayan Bajaj Hall
Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery
Kamalnayan Bajaj Workshop Studio
17th December 2018 to 22nd December 2018 (11.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.)

The recent innovative endeavours of Reba Mandal – a talented contemporary artist depict her ode to the omnipresent beauty of nature through its rhythm, Ganga Ghats - Banaras Ghats, seascapes and landscapes in an inimitable style. Her command over the medium and techniques has decorated each work with the desired visual aesthetic effects of glory.  An epicentre of vivid spiritual and religious activities, Benares symbolises an  arena full of different temples, shrines, prayers, pilgrims and continuous chanting of mantras on the steps of the holy river Ganga. These steps are called ghats where religious activities and rituals prevail throughout the day. Monumental architectural details of various temples, their beauty when illuminated by sunrays in early morning and the spiritual environments during the evening prayers together enhance the eternal divine sanctity and relevance of Indian culture and spiritual euphoria through vivid  vignettes.  Benares is known as abode of salvation which imparts the salvation to any sensitive human soul. It truly depicts eternal grandeur on this earth.  Latest creative work by Reba Mandal illustrates her ode to the beauty of Benares ghats, Ganga ghats and other spiritual environment in picturesque form. She has shown Ganga ghats at Varanasi which are fully of pilgrims, temples and prayers. She has shown boats, temples and sandstones/pebbles at the lower arena of the work symbolising her serene and fast thinking mindscape. Her skills and command over the medium used are also seen in tonal harmony and rhythm of apt colour schemes. She has shown Ganga ghats at Varanasi that compliment the concept of divinity.

A well known artist Purnendu Mandal has recently created innovative work in acrylic and Oil colours on canvas depicting the "Reflections" of Kolkata and other Cities in its multifaceted iconic forms. These being glorious, unique and picturesque in their own way, highlight the nostalgic memories associated with the Babu Ghats, Howrah Bridge, cityscapes, Urban life in Kolkata and other Cities in numerous seasonal forms such as first light in city, the life after the rains, life on a rainy day, rickshaw pullers, Babu Ghats, Howrah Bridge etc. in the relevant arenas of visual fine arts.   His Paintings elaborates urban life in Kolkata  and others Cities on a rainy day by showing people carrying umbrellas, less traffic and limited  activities on road. The work also depicts visual effects of monsoon like rain drops, fog, wet climate, reflections in water and shades of dampness.   As a result, his creations are always artistic as well as aesthetic in the perspectives of developmental growth in every aesthetic rhythmic sense


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