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30th September 2019 to 13th October 2019 (11.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.)

Reminiscence by Suvigya Sharma, Jaipur

Reminiscence is an epic saga highlighting the Hindu pantheon and it’s timeless grace that set foundation for the aesthetics of modern contemporary  art, worldwide. The man need no introduction as he is the world’s most disciplined miniature artist, to have practiced Traditional fine miniature art under the lineage of his father the legendary Fine Artist Mr. R. K. Sharma, descending from the masters of Nathdwara Shaili Miniature paintings.

Showcasing a collection of 127 artworks representing this 2,000 year old  art form incorporated in Refined Tanjore's, Piqua’s & Life-Like Portraits. Making the collection world’s most sophisticated and valuable personal collection that’s is found in the residences of the most elite and respectable families globally including  Honb. PM Shri Narendra Modi ji.

Suvigya to have practiced miniature art since his childhood and mastering Pichwai’s for about a decade now. This year brings forth the feature artworks of Shrinath Ji's Contemporary Pichwai's that would grace an aesthetes personal residence along with, the 3 Dimensional Govardhan Parvat, a celebratory reminiscence depicting the supernatural act of Lord Krishna's, eighth avatar of the god Vishnu lifting Govardhan Parvat for 7 Days and Nights. As the God of Heavens Indra calls Samavartaka clouds of devastation, to lash upon Vrindavan with torrents of rain and thunderstorms and cause extensive floods that would destroy the livelihood of the inhabitants.

The modern day depiction of a Picwai’s are made on "Elfh" a patented mineral based composition, a great substitute for Elephant Tusk or Ivory. Marks the initiative of prohibiting the use of natural bones. Painted in freshly prepared vegetable dyes, gilded in 24 carat gold is reinstating the disciplines of “Bardashat ka Kaam” meaning the ‘Art of Tolerance’ as the technique is meticulously practiced under a Magnifying glass.


Curating after closing observing the aesthete for about 8 years pouring his heart and soul into these masterpieces transcending through time space leaves everyone in a state of sheer magnificence. We invite you on this narrative of how supernatural is the phenomenon of Reminiscence, by none other then Suvigya Sharma.

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