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4th September 2023 to 9th September 2023 (11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.)

Kalyug Three Point Zero: The World Through My Eyes - by artist T.S. Manasa Kalyan

Kalyug Three Point Zero marks the grand finale of an extraordinary trilogy of art exhibitions by the talented 16-year-old artist, Manasa Kalyan. As a class 12 ISC student, Manasa has been honing her artistic skills since the tender age of 4 under the guidance of the renowned artist, Mr. Shine Karunakaran Sir. With a passion for both business studies and art, Manasa has taken art as a subject in her class 11 and 12 curriculum at Hari Sri Vidhya Nidhi School, Thrissur, receiving further guidance from her school art teacher, Mr. Prasad Sir. Now, she unveils her remarkable series of acrylic on canvas artworks at the prestigious Kamalnayan Bajaj Hall & Art Gallery in Mumbai.

Manasa Kalyan's artistic journey has been nothing short of exceptional. Having exhibited her talent in two previous exhibitions, the first at Thrissur Lalitha Kala Academy in April 2020 and the second at Bangalore Chita Kala Parishad in August 2021, she has been garnering critical acclaim and captivating audiences with her unique perspective on the world. With Kalyug Three Point Zero, Manasa delves deeper into her artistic exploration, inviting viewers to witness her profound observations and interpretations of the contemporary era.

Kalyug, a concept rooted in ancient Indian mythology, symbolizes the age of moral decline and chaos. Through her art, Manasa offers a contemporary reinterpretation of Kalyug, reflecting the challenges and complexities of the present time. Kalyug Three Point Zero explores the themes of societal issues, human emotions, and the dichotomy between tradition and progress, all seen through the lens of a 16-year-old artist.

Using acrylic on canvas as her chosen medium, Manasa Kalyan masterfully brings her subjects to life. Her style is characterized by vibrant colors, intricate detailing, and a deep emotional resonance. Each brushstroke and color choice reflects her youthful energy and passion for self-expression, creating a visual language that speaks directly to the viewer's soul.

The renowned Kamalnayan Bajaj Hall & Art Gallery in Mumbai serves as the perfect backdrop for the culmination of Manasa's artistic trilogy. Known for its commitment to showcasing diverse and groundbreaking works of art, the gallery provides a platform for Manasa to share her unique artistic vision with the vibrant city of Mumbai.

Kalyug Three Point Zero: The World Through My Eyes invites viewers to step into the mind of a talented young artist who fearlessly confronts the complexities of the modern world. Manasa Kalyan's thought-provoking artworks encapsulate the essence of the Kalyug era, inviting us to contemplate our place within it. With her remarkable talent and unwavering passion for both art and business, Manasa's future promises to be as bright and dynamic as her artistic creations.

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