Kamalnayan Bajaj Hall
Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery
Kamalnayan Bajaj Workshop Studio
28th August 2023 to 2nd September 2023 (11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.)

 Art for Humanity is a community of professional and budding artists in India who have nurtured the art movement in the sacred spirit of humanity.

With the blessings and inspiration of all of you, 'Art for Humanity' has been working for the last four years in the field of art and especially visual arts with a different human perspective.

The devastating floods of 2019 caused huge damage to the rich and fertile western Maharashtra. Due to this terrible destruction on many levels such as economic, social and educational, the people here were facing serious problems. In such a situation the entire country including Maharashtra became one. Millions of helping hands came and one of them, a visual artist with a sensitive mind and a social consciousness, decided to give new colors to the lives of these people by lifting the hand of help. This is where the organization 'Art for Humanity' was born, breathing for the service of humanity. Motivated by the spirit of helping, all the artists united.

We appealed to artists across India. In this work, artists sent 280 priceless works of art for this initiative of 'Art for Humanity'. All these works of art from P. Prabhadevi. L. About 6 lakh rupees were raised by our exhibition at Deshpande Kaladalan. And this entire fund was given to help flood victims through 'NAM Foundation'. With this sacred work, 'Art for Humanity' emerged on the horizon of the art scene.

After the activities for flood victims were completed, in 2020 the darkness of the covid outbreak began to cover the whole world. The whole world was shaken by a new, nameless crisis. All transactions were stopped. The economic crisis has left people in a quandary. Of course, in this crisis, the image of our visual artists is further threatened. Again 'Art for Humanity' started looking for new options through positive thinking.

From that, the concept of painting exhibition on social media like 'WhatsApp', 'Telegram' was born. The concept of "painting exhibition on mobile" with the title "My thoughts" was happening for the first time. The hopes of the artists began to rise. Artists from unbroken India began to participate in large numbers. Our initiative helped many artists financially by selling their paintings.

The above opportunity is given to us by our new concept "Ath 2021" and "10 Days 10 Ganesha Art Challenge". In this, only innovative artworks of Shri Ganesha were to be sent. Both these activities got a spontaneous response not only from all over India but also from abroad.

participated in the competition in the two years Ath 2021 and Ath 2022. Every year 10 artworks are declared victorious from these competitions. In this way, a total of 20 winners have been honored with art materials, certificates and trophies worth approximately Rs. 1 lakh 80 thousand.

We do not charge any commission on the sale of artwork. Some donors, art gallery owners, some sponsors and we members are happily running this venture by spending money from our own pockets.

We request you to cooperate with us in this art venture.



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