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Pratibimb 2015 by Rangoonwala Foundation (India) Trust

10th February 2015 to 13th February 2015 (11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m)

Pratibimb 2015 - An exhibition-cum-sale to promote the socio-economic initiatives of the vulnerable sections of society.

Pratibimb, Rangoonwala Foundation (India) Trust’s annual event , reflects the lives and the work of those who are marginalized – children with multiple disabilities, women who are mentally ill and abandoned, rural artisans, farmers’ communities and women entrepreneurs from resource poor communities in Mumbai.

The following NGOs/programs are participating:

  • SEWA Ahmedabad, livelihood restoration work with socio-economically disadvantaged women
  • Dastkar Andhra, working with handloom weavers in Andhra Pradesh
  • The Banyan, Chennai, rehabilitation work with mentally ill women
  • Sri Arunodayam, Chennai, a home for abandoned mentally challenged children
  • National association for the Blind Maharashtra education and vocational training for the deafblind as well as other physically challenged children and young adults in Nashik, Dhule etc.
  • Vikas Sahayog Pratisthan, promoting land based livelihood program in drought prone Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.
  • RF(I)T’s Satark- Patients Rights Campaign and Utthaan – Right to Higher Education Campaign, which endeavors to inform, educate and make citizens aware of their Rights as Patient
  • Rangoonwala Community Centres, Mumbai, creating spaces of learning & development for women and children in resource poor communities through trainings and health initiatives


Every product at Pratibimb has its own story to tell. We invite you to capture those.

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