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PORTO NOVO  - Exhibition & Sale of Fine European Furniture

15th October 2015 to 17th October 2015 (11.00 am to 7.00 pm )

PORTO NOVO, a young vivacious brand showcases its collection of Fine Asian Furniture & Decoratifs for the Home. Cherry picked from the remote corners of Asia, the Collection offers a blend of Old with the Contemporary. These distinctive & attractive pieces with simple clean lines, lacquered finishes and subtle motifs have an instant appeal.


After sourcing & designing furniture from various parts of India for the last 35 years, the father – son duo of Deepak Shah and Pranay Shah founded PORTO NOVO which specializes in furniture, porcelain and accessories from South East Asia. They personally select every piece for the collection which represents a sense of timeless style, refined design and lasting craftsmanship. What they bring back is a mix of gorgeous pieces that are a reflection of their taste.


Deepak & Pranay tend to choose items for their aesthetic quality over period which makes for an interesting mix of different historical ages. They feel that “It is all about the visual statement the piece is going to make in the room”. They are known for their expertise and taste, but most of all, their attention to detail and customer service.

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