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nimmit (Connecting Artisans) - Exhibiting Handcrafted Textiles & Handicrafts

27th January 2017 to 29th January 2017 (11.00 am to 7.00 pm )

We would like to introduce ourselves as an artisan foundation committed to Indian art and craft along with its rich artisan community, which is dwindling very fast…In this ever-shrinking world, human touch is almost made obsolete with constant research and development in high end technology and nullifying human factor in almost all fields be it manufacturing or service industry or even farming.

Most of the developed world is not even aware of handloom existence or what hand embroidery or weaving can achieve in spite of huge limitations it faces (mainly poverty, infrastructure, basic amenities like lack of power, water education etc.).  A lot of these factors are the main reason why our craft is dyeing and is not being pursued by the younger generation of artisan community.

We believe the right exposure and design input if given to the artisans can boost the craft industry and encourage the younger generations to pay more attention to these culture rich traditions of India. The right exposure is not limited to giving work to these people but also to making them self reliant in terms of developing designs and exposing them to national and internationally reputed master crafts people by holding various workshops throughout the year.

The most important aspect people often neglect and claim that they encourage the artisans and are providing work to them so that they earn their living hood. However most of the real artisans get lost in transition and only the big brand and designers hog limelight…

Our aim is to break this tradition and give due credit to each of the artisans for the work and product they have developed, meaning the product that will be developed will be sold in respective artisans’ name and their story alongside. So they become renowned and their existences come to the fore…

This foundation’s aim is also to see that traditional craft of India stays alive and would want to encourage our artisans and its craft through various means, be it selling the products through e- commerce or holding exhibitions in various cities of India from time to time. The future goal is also to have a single brand encompassing all crafts and have a shop in shop concept in highly reputed stores in Europe and USA.

Every artisan is treated as an associate in this foundation and will share profits with the organization along with their own growth in the field of their expertise.

We call ourselves “Nimmit” a medium between artisans and the final consumer and in doing so; we get satisfaction of keeping Indian heritage alive…

We would like you to be our “connecting dot” through your blessing and buying power which will boost our artisan partners in realizing this dream.

We will look forward to receiving your positive response to make this project one of its kind.



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