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Multi-Use Hall

The Great Indian Art 2022 a show organized by Video Shots Art & Entertainment and The Indian Gallery.

10th October 2022 to 14th October 2022 (11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.)

 About The Show

The Great Indian Art is a show organised by Video Shots Art and Entertainment and The Indian Gallery. The Show exhibits over 15 artists from across India presenting art in all its forms. The show would be inaugurated by eminent business and political personalities The Show is conceived by Narendra Arora, Anajali Arora and Hiral Shah.
About The Indian Gallery
We are "one of its kind" and an unbiased platform for art, subsuming every aspect of art. The all in one platform features artists, art collectors,mentors, students and anyone in the practice of art. We promote and appreciate art in all its forms.
Incorporated by Anjali Kaur Arora and Hiral Shah, the platform believes in delivering equal opportunities to artists regardless of their age, race, religion and even connections for that matter. Though the platform would have artists and art connoisseurs from across the globe; it all started with love for the motherland, India.


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