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Nine Hidden Gems - Rediscovering the Father of the Nation by Kumkum Somani as part of AVID Children's Series

"Nine Hidden Gems - Rediscovering the Father of the Nation" workshop by Kumkum Somani for the AVID Children's Series
19th April 2014 (11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m)

We all have fun stories to tell, from our own experiences, with a message or simply a learning experience for all.

This April 19th, AVID Children's Series bring you nine imaginative stories with Kumkum Somani, author of Nine Hidden Gems, reliving the Gandhian values from various perspectives of people living in that era. This workshops for kids will have art-craft activities and interactive sessions on understanding lessons on peace, love and acceptance.

So come along and allow your imagination to explore how these stories could be re-written to discover your own hidden gems.

Date : 19th April, 2014
Age : 8 - 14 years
Fee : Rs. 500/- (inclusive of the set of 9 books)

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